Phyllis Harrington, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools




Hello, my name is Phyllis Harrington and it is with great pleasure that I introduce myself as your new superintendent of schools. As I did in my previous district I will be creating a monthly video message, to inform the community of upcoming events throughout our school district as well as to address other prominent issue facing us at that time.

Let me begin by formally introducing myself.  Most recently, I enjoyed a nine-year tenure as the superintendent of the Oyster Bay School District.  Prior to that I held many different positions including assistant superintendent in Oyster Bay and principal in the Lawrence School District. What you may not know is that I began my administrative career as an intern and then director of special education right here in the Oceanside School District.  So, as you can see, for me this is about coming home.

What a wonderful summer I had learning about all of the amazing programs you have in place for all members of our school community from our youngest learners all the way up to include our senior citizen population.  I am extremely excited that the month of September is now upon us and our school doors will be ready to welcome approximately 6,000 of our young people.

Our first week of school will be a short one. Please note that the first day of school for students is Tuesday, September 3rd and remember all our schools will be closed September 5 and 6 in celebration of the Jewish New Year. 

As always, September is filled with PTA meetings and Back-to-School events.  I ask you to please take advantage of all the opportunities afforded you through both our school and parent organizations.  Specific details about these events can be found on our district website and, of course, on our district calendar.

Due to the Jewish Holiday schedule, our first football game will actually be held on a Thursday evening, September 12th.  The next game won’t be until Friday September 20th at Farmingdale High School. We hope to have everyone participate in our Homecoming, which will take place on Saturday, September 28th. 

In addition we have two special programs this month.  Our High School Senior Application Night will be held on Monday, September 23rd..   and we  also have an iPad Parent Workshop on Monday, September 30th.

As I am sure you are aware, Oceanside is so fortunate to have such an active Department of Community Activities.  Online registration for the youth program begins the week of September 9th.

There are many things I hope you will learn about me during the course of my tenure in Oceanside.  One is that I believe in visibility and I am sure that we will meet at one of these many events.  In addition, I also believe in the importance of good communication.  You will find that over the course of the year many efforts will be made to inform the community and to increase lines of communication through a variety of channels.  One of the many ways we look to inform our public is during the forum of our Board of Education meetings.  Please note that our meeting in September is on Tuesday, September 17th. 

Again, I am so thrilled to begin this year and I am very excited to be working in this school district where it is so evident that possibilities are endless. Thank you for welcoming me into the Oceanside community and I look forward to seeing you at all the wonderful events and programs that this district has to offer.  Thank you and have great September.



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Mr. Robert Fenter
Assistant Superintendent for
Curriculum, Instruction & Research

September 2013

Dear Parents,

As we enter another exciting school year in Oceanside, I can’t help but appreciate the wonderful support that we receive from our parents and community as we strive to create programs that serve the best interests of our students. 

This year at the elementary level we continue to address the new Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) through our reading and math programs that are challenging our students while providing them the support needed to achieve these new expectations.

Our teachers and administrators have worked very hard to ensure that our Reading Street program, now in its second year, continues to provide our students with informational text as well as experiences with authentic literature.  Our expectation for student writing continues to provide an avenue towards enhancing the writing skills of all of our children.

Our enVision math program in grades K-5, and our new Digits program in grade 6, support our students’ mathematical development and ensure that they have the problem-solving and mathematical understanding necessary to achieve the expectations of the CCLS.

While the new assessments have provided us with a challenge, we believe that these programs, along with the hard work and support of our teachers and administrators, will ensure the progress of our students moving forward.

We are also excited to continue our efforts at enhancing the use of instructional technology.  In addition to the use of Smart Boards throughout our district, we have begun an iPad initiative at the middle school which has provided all of the students and staff with an iPad to use as their teaching and learning tool.  This represents a significant change in the operations of our school and our talented teachers will ensure that the iPads are used in a manner that will bring about student-centered and meaningful learning experiences for our students.  We also continue to see the benefits of a modified schedule at the middle school that provides students with opportunities with their teachers to address their specific needs in our core extension period. 

At the high school level, we continue to ensure that our students are meeting with success in our many course offerings and look forward to another banner year of student success in a variety of forms.  Our performance on Advanced Placement tests, Regents exams, and other assessments provided continued support for the quality of our programs throughout our district.  Our graduation rates reflect a school district that works hard to ensure success for every student, providing multiple layers of support for students who require alternate pathways to success in achieving a high school diploma.

The year ahead is one that will be filled with excitement and the promise of the work that has taken place over the summer months, and I look forward to visiting our schools and classrooms to see first-hand the results of the hard work of our staff as well as the support of the wonderful Oceanside community.


Robert Fenter
Assistant Superintendent
Curriculum, Instruction & Research







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Dr. Jill DeRosa
Assistant Superintendent for
Human Resources, Student Services
and Community Activities



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Mr. Louis S. Frontario
Assistant Superintendent for Business

Welcome back and much success to all for the 2013-2014 school year!

The Business Office provides support for the wide breadth of instructional services and extracurricular activities afforded the students of Oceanside. In addition, the Business Office provides support for achieving the District's mission, its annual goals and objectives and its efforts to help students meet New York state assessments and graduation requirements. The Business Office is the center for many activities. It is the place in the District that administers the $139 million plus operating budget. Through the efforts of dedicated staff members, we oversee such functions as capital projects, payroll, purchasing, accounts payable, risk management and insurance programs, employee benefits, employee contract negotiations, employee relations, borrowing, investing and other cash management activities, transportation services, food services, State and Federal funded programs, E-Rate funding, as well as other initiatives.

The budget reflects, in financial terms, the needs, aspirations and visions of Oceanside's community. Our commitment is to get the most direct instructional impact for every dollar we spend. Oceanside provides superior education services, yet we spend below the county average to provide those services. I am very proud to be associated with the District and a community that places such a high value on the quality of its educational programs and services. Feel free to contact me if you should ever have any questions concerning the financial operations of the district.